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  • Line for Re-enactors

    In line for Re-enactors you can find the components of historical character, or ready made garments distinguished for men and for women, as well as the Occasion , that clothes made ​​during the year for patterns such.

    In addition to historical dresses I Quattro Aghi have created a special line for those who practice the Historical Fencing and Western Martial Arts , then gloves, bags, etc..

  • Introduction

    Dress up from head to toe is the idea  of “I Quattro Aghi”.

    The work deals allow you to dress for every occasion, from the ceremony to the historical re-enactment, the life of every day.

    They are made to be leaders of fashion history and historians, inspired by historical leaders or classic wedding.

    Next to the clothes are made footwear history, to shape historical or classical.

    The production of “I Quattro Aghi” does not end here, it also execute, by whatever historical or historical fashion garments leather.

    We spoke to dress from head to toe, to indicate the line where accessories are manufactured accessories such as bags, hats suitable both for those involved in historical re-enactments, and for the life of every day.

    Dear Guest , in the pages that follow you will see some examples of the production of The Four needles.

  • Fabio

    Posted on by admin

    Freelancer devotes his time to historical research, especially archaeological site. He specializes in the packaging of medieval and renaissance clothing and decoration of furniture and accessories for costumes, realizing even decorated hats.

    A lover of historical fencing, is a part, as Antonella and Maximilian, the “Compagnia della Vergine” of Novara, in the role of fighter, performing, during the period of the year, in theatrical pieces with arguments driving, focusing on historic duel.

    His favorite period is the six hundred Italian who ruled the roost in the fashion industry, providing the inspiration for the boom of the French fashion of the eighteenth century. Also makes clerical leaders. To report its participation at the Venice Carnival in 2012 in the role of Pope Julius II.

  • Massimiliano

    Posted on by admin

    For reasons of weight represents “two needles in one person”. It takes years of history of costume making, over the years, several reproductions of historical clothing and footwear of any historical era. In his work, the play pursues the saying “if a thing was done in a way there was a good reason.”

    Like the other “two needles” deals with Western Martial Arts and Historical Fencing, as well as historical dances, in the context of the Compagnia della Vergine of Novara. Been participating in the Carnival of Venice where he proposed with Fabio and Antonella, playing clothes of various ages, ranging from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century.

    In preparing it, in the history of costume, great weight had its participation (from a young age) in the role of an actor (amateur, there is no fear) in theater companies, dealing with texts by Moliere, Cechov, Feydeau, to name a few.

  • Antonella

    Posted on by admin

    Freelancer who spends most of his time to the packaging of vintage clothes at the age of adolescence.
    She was touched by the beauty of the costumes and the complicated plot of the decorations so much to make one of his strengths; another of its strong points is the creation of eighteenth-century costumes.
    And ‘the backbone of the working group and is the glue between the employees; passionate in his work of sportsmen practicing historical fencing and historical dances-at the Compagnia della Vergine of Novara-and representations in costume, taking care of the choreography of the dances history of the Company. Research in the history of costume passionate enough to have a substantial bibliography on the subject.
    Noteworthy was the participation, for years now, the Carnival of Venice which spends a lot of time, especially for the creation of costumes. His accomplishments leading a Henry VIII and Elizabeth of England.

  • Who we are

    Posted on by admin

    Despite strong the temptation to create a biography almost fable-like, with high-sounding phrases like “Once upon a time” or “A long time ago …”, the story of “The Four Needles”, much more simply, can be summed up in the phrase “born from a passion for a job” . For years, in fact, we deal with the History of Costume playing vintage clothes and accessories. The common passion has led us to make work that is passion.
    The philological rigor has always been our hallmark of quality in the production of garments using fabrics of high workmanship and the constant search for raw materials technically genuine (albeit with due adaptations for obvious practical implications, because, for example, of wefts and warps modern and processing of the tissue which, over time, has led to slight, unavoidable differences).

    In the making of clothes are ranging from brocade to pique (single and double), jersey, polonaise, velvet and operated various kinds of skin as well.
    The use of different fabrics, often in a single garment, makes the final processed a continuum with the tailors in the past due to their unbridled imagination they realized exceptional leaders, made to last.
    The activity of the “Four Needles” also includes the development of clothing classic, inspired by a historical leaders, in addition to classic tailoring activities, such as refurbishing and repairs model of various kinds.
    The idea of “The Four Needles” dress from head to toe does not end here.
    We will also manufacture footwear history, leather clothes and leather accessories.

    The ‘Navigator’ will excuse us if in this and the following pages, we show you a small sample of what we do, but given the breadth of products made, we had to choose leaders simpler, just to give you an idea …..